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Tiny House Kit

  3 pcs 4'x8'x2.25"
   1 pcs  3'x8'x2.25"

  10 pcs  4'x8'x1.9"
     2 pcs  4'x8'x1.9"

4 pcs   4'x8'x2.25" 
2 pcs   4'x8'x2.25"

Total 23 pcs x $125 per pc=$2875.00
Due to an error on our part we will be honoring the $2500.00 sell price posted on Tiny House Blog

 The Sing panel spring special comes with solid wood on 4 sides for easy fastening

Trailer and axle are not included call for information

*crate and packaging $100.00

Ship by common carrier

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Different ways to build with Sing Honeycomb Panels
See another way to build a Sing Tiny house built by Sing home dealer in San Francisco Ca. area. Click here to see how easy to build a hybrid small house with patented Sing Honeycomb panel.

Sing Tiny House - made with completely with Insulated Honeycomb Panels
               Step 1                       Step 2                         
Step 3
 Sing Honeycomb Panel lay          Connect floor and wall                          Remove honeycomb core
   on top of treated timber                panels together                                        to implant solid wood
   foundation frame structure         using glue and screws                            for stronger fastening
                      Step 4                                   Step 5                                    Step 6
  Wall & roof connection- by         Honeycomb panel roof              Easy to build Small house  
  implanting solid wood for           is highly insulated.                    shelter, storage shed,
  roof to fasten, lightweight                                                           cottage
  panel wall and lightweight
  panel roof
Visit our how to builds on you tube (click on "You Tube Video" tab)

How to build Tiny house - By little House on the Trailer

Video from Little House on the Trailer - Sonoma Shanty
Sing Eco Cabin

Sing Eco Log is the       Sing Eco log with double T&G         Entire floor structure is made  
straightest log in the    allows one to stack the log wall     with the Eco Log system as the   world. Its structured     like the famous kids toy blocks.      wall. ( The beams under the 
honeycomb insulation                                                          floor are also Eco Logs)
keeps your energy bill
low all year around.

      Sing Eco Logs are the only      Even the roof can be made              Finished Fully Insulated    building material used for       made with Sing Eco Logs                    Sing Eco Cabin
the walls and floor.                 system

Garage built with H Channel locking system at the Portland Home Show
Characteristics and "Green Aspects" of Sing Honeycomb Panels


If you look closely this Sing Tiny house is setting on a furniture dolly

High Strength

Sing Honeycomb panel has no deflection under weight

Learn more about the strength, and "Green Aspects" of Sing Honeycomb panels click here
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