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Sing product used to build this modern most insulated portable tiny house Please visit their website below
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The easiest method to build an insulated small house

is by using patented Sing honeycomb panels.

Sing Tiny houses are built with Sing Honeycomb  panels which are lightweight, insulated, and durable.   Sing Honeycomb panels can be used to make a small house, mini park model, guest house, well house, insulated storage shed, cabin, shelter, home office, garage, artist work shop, summer house, music room, portable office,  bar, workshop, pump house, studio, disaster relief structure, utility shed, playhouse, food storage, hobby room,  espresso stand or add an axle to make an RV.


Tiny House Furniture



Sing Tiny house stair system - easy to access your loft
and to
utilize your small house storage

Extremely lightweight, high strength furniture, click here to see all our

furniture made with our patented Sing Honeycomb panels


Why Sing Tiny House?


Lightweight----light weight saves on shipping cost. Our 8'x14' Tiny house weighs less than 2700 lbs

High strength. -------------Our space age sandwich panel is how we create super strong structures.

Insulation ---------Our tiny houses insulated with EPS, or urethane foam which offers an insulation value of (R-6.5 per inch)

Sound deadening-----------fully insulated foam to reduce outside noise.

Less condensation -----------wood provides the thermal mass and insulation to compensate for moisture and temperature.

Fragrant Wood-------100% natural wood floor, wall and roof, and furniture, no plastic or fiber glass.

Environmental friendly------all structures are made of natural materials, from floor to roof.

Recycled materials--------Sing small house wood is salvaged from our 100 year old factory building.

Renewable material------- wood is a renewable resource, Sing small house is made of 90% wood.

Interior furniture is made of patented lightweight high strength Sing honeycomb panels.

Precision Look--------No sagging of floor and roof. Our tiny houses look solid, and feel solid.



Build your tiny home with our Aluminum Sing honeycomb panels- Lightweight, weather resistant, insulated, you can custom build any size. This Aluminum shed sets on top of a mountain. See gallery for more pictures. 

We are offering a $1000.00 reward
if you can find an easier way than our Sing building system

Sing Honeycomb Products are changing and improving the way things are made.

                         1. Sing Homes - the easiest way to build the finest home.
                         2. 100% collapsible furniture - lifetime structure guarantee.

                         3. Doors - We are the best door maker in the world.

                         4. News - about Eco-friendly, lightweight, high-strength products.

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